What is combat-gts?

CoMBat-GTS is a virtual training system, built on SimSuite4, BK own RealTime distributed Simulation and 3D Visualization framework. It's based on a Synthetic Battlefield with targets and generic menaces generation, possibly integrated with real weapons specially “crafted” for simulation.

CoMBat-GTS aims to fulfill the requirement of creating a realistic environment to train target detection and engagement. It allows trainees to gain proficiency by directly using the real system instead of a simulated console. This eventually allows training sessions to be held directly on-board, in the operating environment instead of a training room.

Why is combat-gts for you?
Synthetic environment

The Synthetic Battlefield Generator creates a virtual scenario in which one or more actors execute pre-assigned actions. It provides special "rendering effects" for: sky, sea (surface and underwater), weather conditions, day-night cycle with correct sunlight, geo-referenced land with the 3D representation of altitudes and texturing with geo-referenced images, import of common GIS formats.

Trainee interaction

The graphics system generates a synthetic video signal as seen from the weapon's point-of-view. This synthetic video signal is sent to the trainee, who tries to detect and track targets in the synthesized environment. The target tracking can be performed by user guidance via joysticks or even by an automatic tracking system.

Trainee evaluation

The user-controlled movement is translated into a new position of the servo, virtual or real, which is sent to the Synthetic Battlefield Generator, which gets the new camera position and generates the new image as seen by the new observation point, creating the “immersive experience”.

The shoot command is directly processed by CoMBat-GTS simulation system which will “virtually” generate the shoots, following user commands, computing the real-time round fly and final impact with virtual scenario elements or moving actors.

The simulation system will evaluate target damages, continuing to send the update of the synthetic video signal to the trainee, including firing effects and target damage effects. The training system will record the trainee performances allowing for analysis and comparison.

How can you have combat-gts?

CoMBat-GTS is distributed by BK under license. The license includes the 3D models of standard actors and the standard missions with operational scenarios. On request, special 3D models of special actors can be provided and/or special scenarios created according to characteristics as specified by the customer.