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What is SimSuite4

SimSuite4 is a software platform developed by BK for 3D visualization of simulations. SimSuite4 allows to create, play, record and distribute simulations with the integration of physics, artificial intelligence and visual effects.

It enables real-time animation of complex and articulated 3D objects (actors) by means of acquisition and rendering effective techniques, with frequency sampling up to the kilohertz.

Actors of the simulations can be associated with and controlled by real-time acquisition systems for monitoring remote objects.

Synthetic environment

The SimSuite4 scenarios represent the space where you carry out simulations. They can have realistic or real characteristics. SimSuite4 is provided with realistic basic scenarios under any point of view, unreferenced to real places. However, it is possible to have real scenarios geographically referenced, according to specific needs.

SimSuite4 has special "rendering effects" for: sky, sea (surface and underwater), weather conditions, geo-referenced land with the 3D representation of altitudes and texturing with geo-referenced images, import of common GIS formats. The system manages a realistic day-night cycle for height and position of the sun in the sky.

SimSuite4 represents the sky, from clear to cloudy, and the weather conditions, fog and rain, with different levels of intensity, as well as manages the wind intensity and direction. The general climatic conditions are defined according to the traditional nomenclature used by the Navy logbooks. The sea conditions are parameterized on the Beaufort Scale.

How is SimSuite4

The "viewer" module allows to represent scenarios based on data from external sources and to develop applications based on simulations created by the "simulator" module or on the customer specifications.

The "simulator" module provides a set of basic objects by which to create applications that simulate the characteristics and critical issues of different scenarios.

By the "director" module simulations can be observed as they unfold by the mean of a simulated cameraman. It allows to produce demonstrative/promotional films based on simulation results.

Distributed and real-time simulations

SimSuite4 provides a fully distributed environment where the various actors are freely connected in a network. The scene can be viewed from an infinite number of independent cameras (points of view). Actors in simulations can be associated with / controlled by: SimSuite4, as CGF (Computer Guided Forces), directly by the user, interacting by means of suitable hardware devices, external simulations directly sending the attitude data via files, serial links, bluetooth, ethernet, real-time acquisition systems to monitor remote objects, eg. GPS mounted on emergency vehicles, geo-referenced alarms, environmental protection systems.

graphical representation

To facilitate the understanding of the actors’ properties, SimSuite 4 allows you to take advantage of some "visual aids", such as: axes visualization, "labeling", ribbon shaped colored trails. The scenario can be displayed in "shaded" or "wire-frame" mode.


The user can easily control the simulations using standard computer hardware devices such as joysticks or gamepads, or control devices or dashboards, similar or identical to the real ones, properly connected to the system.

Open System

SimSuite4 can interact, by means of suitable communication protocols, with other simulation systems or other real equipments or with data acquisition systems (eg telemetry, sensors, etc.). The system is able to integrate real command and control devices, making them integral parts of the simulation.

How can you have SimSuite4?

SimSuite4 is distributed by BK under license, for simple users, or with SDK (Software Development Kit), allowing you to create new proprietary applications. Alternatively, the customer can request the implementation of applications based on SimSuite4 and his specifications (link services) or purchase BK’s proprietary applications (product link).