Our best to realize your projects

BK operates in key sectors of the IT market since 2002 using standard methodologies and processes applicable to the different phases of the software life cycle and constantly updating them.

BK enhances the intellectual capital of its staff by providing a rich environment for synergies that encourages constant improvement both from the technical point of view and in relations with colleagues and customers.

If required by the type of service, the BK staff can carry out their activities at the customer site even for medium-long term. BK offers the following types of services:

Software Development Support

Go to stuffBK carries out software development activities in support of teams engaged in the implementation of customer’s projects. These activities are carried out by selected BK’s staff according to the required technical skills. BK’s personnel is mainly composed of computer science graduates with solid experience over the years as software developers and system integrators.

In particular, they have extensive knowledge in Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming. For this type of service, the business relationship is based on the periodic balance of the time taken by the BK’s staff in the performance of tasks assigned by the customer’s technical management.