What is Dockers-RS?

Dockers-RS is a training software system to guide and maneuver Reach-Stackers, large vehicles on wheels used for handling and storing containers. The trainer allows one or more users to interact simultaneously on the same scenario and have common overall objectives.

Dockers-RS allows to acquire operational experience in the maneuver, quickly and in safe environment for people and things, in carrying out different tasks within the expected performance times. The simulation allows to move simultaneously, by one or more vehicles, over 1500 independent containers on the square, according to schemes established for each "mission".

The interactions of each user with the system lead to changes on the overall scenario and influence in real time the operating environment displayed on the workstation of each other user

Why is Dockers-RS for you?

Dockers-RS can be configured with one or more virtual training workstations for Reach-Stacker Pilots and one for the instructor. Each station is equipped with a control system that faithfully reproduces the real console of the guide functions. In addition the configuration has an independent 3D display system that displays the front image, reproducing the real operator's point of view within the vehicle cockpit.


The training sessions are aimed at achieving sequential goals through the execution of predefined operations. Each session ("Mission") allows you to: select a goal to achieve, set an operating scenario, create "groups" of users who will have to work individually or in teams, assign each user a Reach-Stacker, "turn on", during the course of a mission, "unforeseen" situations such as malfunctioning to the equipment, change in weather, decreasing of visibility, changes the operating scenario.


Dockers-RS is provided with realistic basic scenarios under any point of view, unreferenced to real places. However, it is possible to have real scenarios geographically referenced, according to specific needs.

The system manages a realistic day-night cycle for height and position of the sun in the sky. Several models are available, from a clear sky to a cloudy, with different levels of intensity. The day-night cycle can be represented in real-time or synthetic way, for example 12 hours played back in 15 minutes.

The sea conditions are parameterized on the Beaufort Scale. The general climatic conditions are defined according to the traditional nomenclature used by the Navy logbooks.

How can you have Dockers-RS?

Dockers-RS is distributed by BK under license, including the standard missions with operational scenarios. On request, special scenarios created according to characteristics as specified by customer can be provided. In addition, complete workstations of training can be provided.