POR FESR LIGURIA 2014-2020 - AXIS 1 "Research and Innovation (OT1)"


Action 1.2.4 "Support to realization of complex projects of research and development activities on a few relevant temathic areas and to application of functional technological solutions to realization of S3's strategies".
Position: 76

Balance paid by FI.L.S.E. S.p.A. in date: 10/06/2019

Project concession: 31/08/2016

RTI (Temporary Grouping of Companies):
Drafinsub s.r.l.
BK s.r.l.

Project End Date: 09/2018

Università di Genova.


Simulator of the control system of a saturation plant, to be used for training of supervisors in charge of running the plants (OTI: Hyperbaric Technical Operators).

The project has developed the systems for controlling operator control systems, to be used for operator training. "life and on which depend the Underwater Technical Operators who carry out work activities in the depths of the sea. The remarkable innovation that characterizes the present project is that of wanting to reconstruct, not only the entire control panel as much as possible faithful to reality, both in aesthetic and physical terms, both in terms of reactions and different sensors / actuators, but even wanting to achieve a complete modeling of the internal environment. The system, including the simulation of the same OTS, is physiologically and emotionally, with real-time 3D reconstruction of the video images. This is a way to improve the performance of a learning process for achieving the qualification. Thanks to the acquired know-how, they are research partners of research through the offer on the market, of training facilities and operators of the hyperbaric sector, of complete simulation systems such as the one realized in the form of prototype or reduced downloads, usable during courses and lessons in the classroom, to allow the carrying out of exercises that are impossible today to perform and to control a more rapid familiarization with the system.